What We Believe

As a part of Freedom Fellowships, Identity Project encourages people of all beliefs and persuasions to investigate what the Bible teaches. There is no official membership or restriction for anyone participating in home church meetings.

However, we consider a number of biblical doctrines to be central to the Christian faith and vital to the integrity of all aspects of our ministry. Identity Project’s home church teachers and leaders are educated in Bible classes where we ensure that they have legitimate Christian statements of faith. The following summarizes our core beliefs:

  • BIBLE: The Bible is the inspired word of God. The 66 books that constitute the Bible are entirely reliable and truthful. The Bible stands as the central authority over our lives, our faith, and the direction of the church.
  • TRINITY: We believe in the Trinity—three persons eternally share the Divine Nature. The Bible refers to these persons as God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.
  • JESUS CHRIST: We believe that Jesus Christ, the Son, is fully God and fully human. He lived a sinless life, died for the sins of humankind, was resurrected bodily on the third day, ascended into heaven, and is coming again as King and Judge.
  • HOLY SPIRIT: We believe that the Holy Spirit is God. He indwells us at the moment we place our faith in Jesus Christ. He empowers us to live an effective Christian life.
  • HUMANS: We believe human beings are created in the image of God, and because of this, we believe humans are unique among all of God’s creation. Through the abuse of our God-given free will, we have turned against God and this has resulted in spiritual death for all humankind. Humanity lives in a state of alienation, which can only be satisfied by being reconciled to God through Jesus Christ.
  • SALVATION: We believe salvation is reconciliation with God. God offers us salvation by His grace alone and we receive it as a gift through personal faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ.
  • CHURCH: We believe the church is composed of all those throughout history who place saving faith in Jesus Christ. The church is not a building or structure; it’s the people.
  • SATAN: We believe Satan is the personal, spiritual adversary of God and God’s followers. We believe that Satan is doomed to final defeat and judgment when Jesus Christ returns.
  • AFTERLIFE: We believe at the final judgment, God will determine those who receive eternal life and those who will live in eternal judgment.

Freedom Fellowships

Can’t make it out to a weekly Tuesday Identity Project meeting? Come check out our Saturday night meeting. All of the fellowship groups involved in Freedom Fellowships get together at 6 p.m. at our Study Center in Kent.

To learn more about Freedom Fellowship, click here.

Interested in attending? Contact Associate Pastor Kyle McCallum for more information (kyle@freedomfellowships.org).