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I was a pretty quiet kid in high school; I was depressed and didn’t have many friends. When I started college, I was still very lonely. I looked to be friends with whoever I could find. I happened to make friends with a Christian guy who invited me to a party with his bible study. Not long after the party, I started to actually go to my new friend’s bible study.
The bible study reminded me that maybe I always respected the Bible, but I didn’t know what it taught. My Christian friend taught me that God just wanted to forgive me for my sins and that God wanted a relationship with me. After a couple weeks of going to the bible study, I invited Christ into my life.
It’s been a cool process of learning how to transform my life to be more like Christ’s. I’ve had some ups and downs, and some periods where I wasn’t sure if I wanted to follow Christ. There was a point in life where I left fellowship altogether for school down in Florida. But I came back to fellowship after a few years of school in Florida, and I decided to make Christ Lord of my life. Christ has been teaching me how to live a meaningful life since then.