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I was raised in a Catholic home. I always believed God existed, but I was confused as to where I stood with Him. I tried to be a good person – and I was relatively good – when I compared myself to others. Yet it was pretty obvious that I did some selfish things, which left my fate in doubt. Where does God draw the line as to who He accepts?
I struggled with this question for years, but I forgot about it when I began college. After I started going to a bible study midway through my undergraduate studies at the Ohio State University, I came to realize that God draws a very clear line as to how we are accepted by Him. The line He draws is perfection – no one is accepted by Him based on their own goodness because we all suffer from selfishness, including myself. I also came to realize that God hates selfishness along with many other sins, which is why He came down as a man, Jesus Christ, to offer me and all other people a solution. That solution is to let Jesus Christ take away the consequence of our sin by His death on the cross.
I realized this in 1985 and accepted Christ. Since then, I have been following Him. The one verse that’s always stuck in my head is the one that says, “Behold, the lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.” I heard that verse thousands of times at Catholic Mass, but I never understood what it meant until I received God’s grace. It means that Jesus is the sacrificial lamb, the Passover Lamb for us. It’s all quite simple.