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When I lived in Bedford, Ohio, as a kid, I was usually angry and involved in immoral activities like doing drugs and trying to find a girl to date. But when I received Christ as a senior in high school through Word, NeoXenos’ high school bible study, I wanted to drop the way I was living and live for Christ. Since I chose to follow Christ, I’ve learned how to teach His Word and lead others toward Him.

God Preparing His Man 0

God Preparing His Man

Shelba And Rich start EARLY the next morning of the Winter Retreat and continue the story of Joseph


IP Winter Retreat 2018

Matthew 24 – Wisdom form the Parables Greg Morscher Download Powerpoint — Download MP3   Matthew 25 – Parable of the Talents Andrew Schoofs Download Powerpoint — Download MP3   John 12 – God’s...