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Rebels Everywhere 0

Rebels Everywhere

CJ. and Greg continue in the story of Abraham and discuss how God continues to provide for us even when we are in rebellion against him. Download CJ PowerPoint Download Greg PowerPoint

The Walk Of Faith 0

The Walk Of Faith

Mason and Logan start off the next morning by continuing with the story of Abraham and talk more about the promises that God gives to us and will always keep. Download PowerPoint

Jesus is Better 0

Jesus is Better

Adam and Kyle give the last IP teaching of the decade and have an amazing teaching about the saving power of Jesus and how impactful our lives can be when in a discipleship with...

Crossing Over 0

Crossing Over

Kyle ends the 2018-2019 school year discussing Moses leading the Israelite’s out of Egypt and the mighty hand of God delivering his people.

Victory And Defeat 0

Victory And Defeat

Angelo and Joe kick off the 2019 combined IP Winter retreat in Genesis going over the story of Joseph!


IP Winter Retreat 2018

Matthew 24 – Wisdom form the Parables Greg Morscher Download Powerpoint — Download MP3   Matthew 25 – Parable of the Talents Andrew Schoofs Download Powerpoint — Download MP3   John 12 – God’s...

IP Christmas 2017 0

IP Christmas 2017

Kyle McCallum and Adam Esterle teach about three miracles that Jesus did durning his ministry. Testimony by Anya Avdeyev